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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  April 9, 2012 2:30am-4:00am EDT

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visit t this morning on "world news now" -- california bombshell. the former modesto teacher who gave up his job and his family to move in with a former teenaged student is now in some major legal trouble. >> that's right. and that teenager has moved out of the apartment she shared with her former teacher following some alarming new allegations. it is monday, april 9th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good monday morning. i'm rob nelson. >> i'm tanya rivero in for paula faris. that former teacher, 41-year-old james hooker is now accused of sexually abusing another teenager. that was enough to end the relationship and for 18-year-old
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tammy powers, 18-year-old jordan powers, rather, to move out and away from the public eye. >> this actually was -- you did "weekend good morning america." you talked to her on the phone. >> i spoke to her on the phone the same day that james had been arrested and taken out of the apartment and she decided to end it. >> i'm stunned. i saw such a bright future with that relationship. i'm stunned it didn't work out the teacher and the student. >> we all thought it would last. >> yes, indeed. what a strange story, too. now he's cuffed. >> more power to her. she made a decisive move, and she's a strong young lady. i think she's going to be fine. >> lesson learned perhaps. >> absolutely. the unfort gettable mike wallace. the tv journalist and interviewer who put "60 minutes" on the air and turned it into a huge success. we'll bring you a tribute coming up later in this half hour. and later this half hour, the vivid colored easter candy that's probably in your kids' easter baskets right now.
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if there are any left, why marshmallow peeps are such a sensation. >> i always wonder what's in those. now we get a look inside the factory. >> people are either obsessed with them or can't stand them. >> which camp are you in? >> i don't want to say. i don't want to say because i don't want to ruin it for anyone. that's a clue, right? >> well played, tanya. well played. before we get to all of that, the relationship outraged many around the country. a teacher involved with his student. >> but now it is over. after an arrest late last week, we learned the details over the weekend. jordan powers waste node time breaking up with her boyfriend and former teacher james hooker the day police came to their shared apartment to arrest him. >> he was just like i love you, i'm sorry. i still want to be with you, but i'm not even believing a word he says now. i said, no, don't even bother. >> therapist bethany marshall who interviewed the couple
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during happier times -- >> love will overcome everything. >> reporter: says this decisive action bodes well for the teenager. >> now she's going to grow up and she's going to put this period behind her. i don't think she's the kind of girl that is going to stay in a brain-washed or vulnerable state. i experienced her as reflective, and as having the mental capacity to move on from this. >> reporter: as for hooker, if the allegations against him are true, marshall feels it's part of a pattern. >> i would not recommend james hooker come anywhere near a school. he gravitates towards young people. he uses the age differential and the power he has over them to gain validation and reassurance. and in the process, the relationship becomes sexualized. >> reporter: hooker who plead not guilty to a felony sex charge against a minor posted his $50,000 bond saturday and was later seen riding his bike. he's expected to court tuesday for a pretrial hearing.
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jordan tells abc news she plans to stay with a family friend out of state for a while. as her mother, who waged a very public war against hooker, breathes a sigh of relief. >> a lot of sleepless nights. i've been worried about her safety, first and foremost. hopefully we can move forward from here. >> reporter: for jordan, moving on means not looking back. >> i thought that he was just this guy that followed his heart, and now i know that he has problems. >> and the mother took this all the way to the state capitol. she wants better regulations for these student/teacher relationships. >> she's fighting for a new bill that would make it illegal in california for a teacher to have a sexual relationship with a student, no matter what the age. >> i think most people would back that. what was your impression? >> i think she's a strong young lady. she's heartbroken. she honestly really cared for this man and she's heartbroken but she's determined to move on. >> she pretty much said he admitted to this other relationship. >> he did. he described it in a very
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different way so that when police came and accused him of what they are -- what they arrested him for and he did not deny it, she was heartbroken. >> let's hope she moves on. she's young. chapter over. >> she will. strong lady. >> yes. shifting gears to other news this morning. the star power of singer/actress jennifer hudson at a murder trial in chicago could complicate the proceedings when they start later today. william balfour is accused of killing hudson's mother, brother and 7-year-old nephew. prosecutors say he was upset his estranged wife who was hudson's sister had started dating another man. hudson does plan to be in court every day and may even be called as a witness herself. the court has prepared for extra media coverage and potential distractions for the jury. two men are facing possible hate crime charges for a shooting spree in tulsa that left three people dead and two others injured. roommates jake england and alvin watts are accused of gunning down the five victims likely chosen at random.
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investigators say england may have been trying to avenge his father's shooting death two years ago by a black man. >> it sickens me. it angers me. this is not what tulsa, oklahoma, is about. >> i've been the naacp president for seven years. i understand and i know hate crime when i see one. >> both england and watts are expected to be arraigned in a tulsa court later this morning. investigators say a huge fire on a southern california freeway was caused by a drunk driver. the man allegedly drove his car at a high rate of speed into the rear of a gasoline tanker which then sboufrt flames. 6,000 gallons of gas fueled the inferno. amazingly, though no, injuries have been report bud that busy freeway was closed for much of the day. engineers are now checking for damage to a nearby overpass. and north korean officials have moved all three stages of a long-range rocket into a position for a controversial launch. they insist, though, they will push ahead with their plan, despite warnings against violating a ban on missile
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activity. they say the missile launch is for scientific reasons. asian markets are heading lower today because of friday's disappointing jobs report in the u.s. even crude oil prices were hit. u.s. employers added 120,000 jobs last month, but analysts had expected just at least $200,000. the report raises doubts the economic recovery is strong. traders returned to wall street in a few hours after taking good friday off. 100 years after the ill-fated maiden voyage of the "titanic," another cruise ship is actually retracing that exact route. many of those aboard are relatives of those who died when the "tay tannic" sank. the bbc's john kay is on board. ♪ >> reporter: 1300 passengers. the same number as "titanic" about to set off from the same docks following the same route.
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>> it's just emotional, phenomenal. it's so exciting. >> it's been 2 1/2 years of planning this. so, you know -- wee! >> there are people from 28 different countries on board. tickets sold out two years ago. some have questioned whether a cruise is an appropriate way to mark the centenary of a disaster in which 1500 people perished. but susie miller from belfast whose great-grandfather died on "tay tannic" is proud to be on board. >> it's not moorish. we're very proud of what he did. >> reporter: as it pulled away from the very berths "titanic" left, some passengers were clearly thinking about certain aspects of history. icebergs are less of a hazard these days. the captain has technology to guide his ship across the
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atlantic. the voyage is about 2,000 miles. from southampton to cherbourg in northern france. then tomorrow to cobh where most of "titanic's" irish passengers joined. then we'll head to the wreck site in time for a remembrance service next weekend. precisely 100 years after the disaster. after all the excitement of the departure, in open seas, the mood on this ship has changed as people reflect on where they are going and what this is all about. john kay, bbc news, on board the "balmorrow." >>. >> stay away from the icebergs. here's a look at your monday forecast. severe weather could threaten dallas and oklahoma city with hail and winds up to 70 miles an hour. houston, little rock and shreveport could also see storms but not quite as severe. new england will see wintry conditions with a few snow
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showers. boft orngs new york and baltimore will be mild in the 60 pps the midwest starts to cool down to more seasonable temperatures. omaha, 66. mid-70s in salt lake city and boise. when we think of easter, most of us think of bunnies. in dallas, they do things a little differently. >> north texans trotted out dogs dressed in their easter best for the 25th annual pooch parade. and this year, more than 100 costumed dogs flaunted their finest, although some didn't even bother stick with the easter theme. just go with the spirit as it moves you. >> that doesn't matter too much. canines dressed as humans always a winning combo on the streets. and all of the money raised goes to help preserve the park area where the parade takes place. >> is that a bumblebee and that's a -- you know. sherlock holmes. >> they do anything to celebrate the holiday. i love it. we'll be right back with more right after this. ♪
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for a blast of volume and length. lashblast fusion. from easy, breezy, beautiful covergirl. welcome back, everybody. sunday's edition of "60 minutes" will be a tribute to the late mike wallace who passed away saturday at the age of 93. his legendary reporting spanned seven deck paepd he began as a writer and reporter for the "chicago sun" and joined cbs in 1951. abc's david muir has our tribute. >> i'm mike wallace. >> i'm harry reasoner. >> mike wallace defined sunday nights. his interviews as legendary as the answers himself.
2:45 am
here with ronald reagan running for president. >> how many blacks are there on your top campaign staff. >> i couldn't honestly answer you. >> he once said i was asking tough questions, and i found my bliss. he was one of the pioneers behind the launch of "60 minutes" in 1968. so began 40 years of dogged debate behind the scenes with the show's creator. >> you are gutting the piece. >> forget "60 minutes." you don't get on this week. >> it was rare wallace did not get on. his questions drove the news. an early interview with eleanor roosevelt. >> i think you would agree that a good many people hated your husband. they even hated you. >> yes. many do still. >> reporter: after the jfk assassination, asking one of the president's secret service agents this. >> was there anything that the secret service or that clint hill could have done to keep that from happening? >> reporter: his interview subjects knew the tough questions would come and yet
2:46 am
they would answer. roslyn carter after her husband lost to ronald reagan. >> i think this president makes us comfortable with our prejudices. >> that's not very nice. what you're saying. >> but it's the way i feel. and i think it's true. >> reporter: years later, this tense back and forth with nancy reagan. >> what was your husband's role in the iran/contra. >> he was president of the united states -- >> it was what -- i don't know enough about iran/contra, mike, to talk to you intelligently about it. >> you're going to be in japan and i'm told it's a $2 million two weeks. >> they are getting two of us -- >> it's going to be a well recompensed two weeks. >> it is for everybody who goes there. which you probably know. you really didn't need that question. >> reporter: wallace would convince the famous to join him and then there were the stars who famously gave it back. >> do i have to put shoes on? >> leave the shoes off, paul, and start the interview, please.
2:47 am
>> they say i'm difficult. >> he was born in brookline, massachusetts. his father a grocer perlong after becoming a defining face of television, he'd open up about his own fight against depression. >> i didn't realize myself how bad it was. i was lower than a snake's belly. >> reporter: our own cleel diane sawyer, the first woman to join mike on the broadcast said his energy and nerve outpaced everyone at "60 minutes." he bounded through the hallways. the true, the unexpected. >> do you love this country enough to respond to a request? >> reporter: and this interview with horowitz, wallace would often cite as one of his favorites. >> i don't know it. i have to remember. it's so difficult. >> i'm sure that it's difficult. ♪ >> not just the passing of a life but really the passing of a certain era of tv news.
2:48 am
and he helped shape and pioneer it. >> they don't seem to make them in that mold anymore. >> age 93. a long and extraordinary career. his interview about the tobacco whistleblower was the basis for the hit movie "the insider" several years ago. that was mike wallace's doing. made that movie possible. his reporting and interview. big controversy at the time. he did it all. >> so many influential interviews he did. his last interview in 2008 with roger clemens. >> a big one. and he ended his career with another major one. so he went out in style. >> very strong note. he will be missed for sure. >> sleep well, mr. wallace. we'll be right back with more after this.
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♪ sugar ah, honey, honey ♪ welcome back, everybody.
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well, many of us here are recovering from our post-easter basket sugar rush. there is one sweet treat, though, that gets us very excited. >> they are the fluffy, crunchy and they come in a variety of colors. can you guess what they are? of course you can. wpbr reporter alicia has the story. >> reporter: peeps is a sign of spring. >> cushiony, silky, pillowy puffs. >> we have liquid marshmallow, corn syrup, liquid sugar. gelatin. >> reporter: crusted in a cloak of crisp crusted sugar. >> it's quite crispy when you bite into it. it's one of the things our consumers love. >> this is where you get your chicks in a row? >> this is where it all happens. >> reporter: and it's been that way in bethlehem since 1932 when russian immigrant sam borne and his two brothers-in-law relocated the factory from new york city. >> we continue to be a family-owned business. >> reporter: they say this isn't where great candy is made.
2:51 am
it's just born. they welcomed tweet little mike and ike into the confectionery world in 1940 and their sassy, spicy sisters hot tamales in 1950. three years later, peeps hatched and grew to become an easter basket basic. >> because of the tradition that it reminds people of. makes them think of their childhood. 2 billion of the chicks, bunnies and other seasonal marshmallow shapes, hipity hop their way down these conveyor belts every year. i heard you haven't lived until you've tasted a warm peep. >> it's a once in a lifetime experience. >> reporter: and more than 800 million of these marshmallow goodies will be made, sold and enjoyed over easter. mm. wow. okay. >> we have the purple ones here. color coordinated here. >> we do it all year. go to facebook and let us know what is your favorite easter
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[ facilitator ] go ahead and take your blindfold off. [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] the febreze set & refresh. breathe happy for 30 days, guaranteed. >> announcer: "world news now" delivers your morning papers. >> welcome back, everybody. we're just finishing up our peeps. >> these are my peeps. >> purple sugar all over the desk. it is time for your morning papers. we're keeping with our easter theme because we're having so much fun with this one. we've got some photographs to show you of easter pictures where, you know, maybe things have gone a little awry. these are from the website awkward family here's our first one. you know, i've heard dressing up as santa claus before. but the easter bunny. maybe we should give that a pass. this next one is my favorite. this is an amazing feat of
2:56 am
animal cooperation. how did they get all of those bunnies to sit there? i don't know how they did it? >> why would you want all those bunnies to sit there. >> hats off. and then this one is like a scene from a horror movie. right? i would have nightmares. >> a horse with a baby. >> a sinister easter bunny on a horse. >> i don't like that. >> the next one at least the kids look like they're having fun, right? mom, save me. save me from this horrible monster. >> please go to the website and donate money for those kids' therapy. please, please. all right. this is one of my favorite stories of the day from the seattle area. there's a bikini coffee shop. you can imagine the girls are serving up the cups of joe. >> we don't have one of those in new york. >> you have to go to seattle for some things. this espresso stand was shut down because apparently the
2:57 am
camera that the owner put in there caught him and his girlfriend who also works there in a compromising position, let's say, so then the tipster got ahold of the photos, reported it to the health department. the health department goes out to investigate it. it was me. things happened. things got heated by the cappuccino machine. apparently it had been long enough so that they didn't have to shut the place down. it's back open because they couldn't prove that anything you know, anything could spoil the actual stand itself or whatever. so it's reopened. the guy is all in the clear. go to that coffee shop. just don't get the cream. just be safe, folks. safety first. >> make mine black. this one is a little disturbing. chinese teenager wants an ipad and iphone like teenagers everywhere. he sells his kidney to get the money for the electronics. >> normal.
2:58 am
>> but you know, the guy who got him to sell it, went home with the equivalent of $35,000. him to sell it, went home with the equivalent of $35,000. he jus when we resolve to stop snacking and slacking, resolvlve to start reang anand running.
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this year, r resolve to help someonelse, too. resolve to support the american red cross. because the red crososs provis hope, helpand compassion, not only during disasters, buevery day. resolve to do something that means something. susupport the red cross before the new year. visit today.
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this morning on "world news now," disturbing developments. detectives in tulsa, oklahoma, reveal a possible motive following the shooting rampage there that left three black victims dead. >> the two suspects are white and investigators say race may have played a very central role in the gunfire that terrorized an entire community. it is monday, april 9th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good monday morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. hope everyone had a good holiday weekend. >> we certainly do. and i'm tanya rivero in for paula faris. tulsa police say the two suspects are now in custody and one of the men may have been out
3:01 am
for revenge because a black man shot his father two years ago. we'll show you how police uncovered this major development. >> some very disturbing writings on facebook from these guys that may have been indication as to what they were thinking and why. >> and the connection between the two of them? >> yes. very interesting stuff. also the serious message from the pope on easter from the pontiff's demands for peace to an unforgettable act of kindness in california. we'll bring you the holiday highlights from around the world. >> and later this half hour if the easter and passover holidays didn't put you and your family in a playful spirit, our toy insider mom certainly will as we check out the best toys of the season. got to get those toys ready. >> that's what the kids want. the peeps and the toys. before we get to that, we turn to the deadly shooting spree. the two men in custody are set for arraignment where they may be charged with hate crimes. >> investigators are still looking into possible motives but it appears the ramge was
3:02 am
triggered by racism and revenge. here's abc's senior justice correspondent pierre thomas. >> reporter: police say these two men are responsible for tulsa's murderous rampage. and police are investigating whether the motive may have been a racially tinged vendetta. >> it sickens me. it angers me. this is not what tulsa, oklahoma, is about. >> reporter: the facebook page of one of the suspects, jake england, 19, depicts searing anger about the death of his father. apparently shot by a black man two years ago during a fight. thursday, hours before the shooting spree, england allegedly wrote, today is two years that my dad has been gone. shot by an expletive n word. the charges came after two days as fear gripped the city. the five shootings all occurred in less than an hour. early friday morning in an only three-mile radius. they describe the shooter as a white male driving a white truck. the suspect was randomly killing, perhaps targeting black people. >> i'm an naacp president for
3:03 am
seven years. i understand and i know hate crime when i see one. >> reporter: england and alvin watts were arrested at a residence just outside city limits. police say tips from the public played a critical role in solving the case, including one crimestoppers call claiming england had a white truck and that he was making plans on burning the vehicle. >> we were desperate for leads. we made some very pointed requests of our community to come forward. and they did. >> reporter: in tulsa, after these arrests, the fear is giving away to sighs of relief. pierre thomas, abc news, washington. >> such an upsetting case. of course, yesterday church services turned from easter to remembering the victims down there. >> makes a lot of sense, too. if there was a racial component you think about what we see in tulsa and the trayvon martin controversy which is ongoing. it's been a roughly several weeks for race relations and violence in this country. kind of scary. >> i've read some very interesting comments that it seems that people's feelings about the trayvon martin case
3:04 am
are divided along racial lines as well, which is -- >> says a lot about progress we've made and a lack of progress in other ways, too. we'll keep an eye on that throughout the day. >> absolutely. the cease-fire deal is off in syria. and the violence there continues. at least 45 people, including six children were killed yesterday in heavy fighting across the country. the government made last-minute demands before tuesday's truce was to go into effect. the rebels rejected those demands. more than 9,000 people have been killed since the uprising began 13 months ago. plans are gearing up for a new round of high stakes talks with iran over its nuclear capabilities, and the white house is reveal twhaeth iranians may be up to. david kerley reports. >> reporter: satellite pictures. stealth drone flights have all provided a picture of iran's nuclear program. but it's the talk of war and sanctions bringing the iranians back to the table. with a warning from the president. >> the time is short. iran must act with the
3:05 am
seriousness and sense of urgency that this moment demands. >> reporter: the demands the west will lay on the table? iran must shut down and dismantle the underground facility accessed through tunnels shown in these photographs and stop making highly enriched uranium. but the israelis want them to abondon enrichment entirely. >> unless there's a diplomatic deal and nothing is going to stop opponents of this program from pushing for confrontation with iran. particularly the israelis. >> reporter: hundreds of drone flights over iran the past three years have provided detailed intelligence, long before one of those drones crashed inside i n iran. the latest intelligence suggests iran has not taken the step to assemble a bomb. information the u.s. hopes will stop israel from launching a preemptive strike. president obama signaled the u.s. might accept a civilian nuclear program in the supreme leader stands behind his declaration that his country will never pursue a nuclear weapon. a white house official does not expect a breakthrough at the
3:06 am
first meeting. david kerley, abc news, washington. cbs news is planning a full tribute to 60 minutes correspondent mike wallace for next sunday. the veteran news man died over the weekend at a care facility in connecticut. wallace was hired at "60 minutes" when the show first went on the air in 1968. his last interview was broadcast 40 years later in 2008. wallace loved the fact that if he showed up for an interview if made people a little nervous in some cases a lot nervous. tv news legend mike wallace was 93 years old. >>ure toing broadcast talent for sure. now to easter observances and a texas town in shambles finding reasons to celebrate. about four times as many worshippers as usual attended services by the st. barnabas congregation in arlington, despite last week's severe storms. services were held outdoors and in the high school auditorium. as congregations observed easter worldwide, the pope sent out a serious message, though.
3:07 am
meanwhile, the white house gets ready for another tradition later today. thousands of catholics celebrated easter mass with pope benedict in st. peter's square. after mass in an appeal for world peace, benedict called for a new start to the mideast peace process and also emplored the syrian regime to heed international demands to end the bloodshed there. closer to home, the first family attended easter services just across from the white house. and in new york, there was the traditional stroll along fifth avenue at the imp promptue easter parade. in georgetown, texas, one of america's hottest new preachers drew a crowd of 15,000 to an outdoor service. nfl quarterback tim tebow was the star attraction at a mega church event that drew bus loads of believers, some from 100 miles away. >> win or lose, i think it's still most important that regardless of what happens that i still honor my lord and savior jesus christ. >> i'm thrilled to be here. >> reporter: in an act of kindness, the muslims of
3:08 am
sacramento came to the rescue of a christian congregation that was without a home. when word got out the spiritual life center of sacramento lost the lease to their church and needed a place to celebrate. muslim leaders offered one of their mosques. in yorba linda, california, easter eggs were raining from the sky. 10,000 of them. the nl egg-stravaganza. >> that's great. raining eggs. >> great easter tradition. and that big tradition at the white house carries on today. and take a look at the invitation here. the picture of beau, the first dog, with his bunny ears on. >> funny beau. >> looking good there, beau. everyone gets into the spirit of the holiday. cool to see that. >> beau is living up to his role as white house dog, for sure. >> they have him anywhere. his poll numbers are pretty high. parts of texas and oklahoma could be threatened with severe weather. expect hail and winds up to 70
3:09 am
miles an hour. also mild and windy in boston, new york and d.c. meanwhile, some showers in seattle, portland and northern california. >> honolulu, dallas, new orleans and miami will be in the low 80s. phoenix hits 92. the midwest begins to cool down with minneapolis in the mid-50s. for the first time, the masters golf tournament in augusta, georgia, has a champion named bubba. bubba watson shot par on the second playoff hole with this incredible shot from right out of the woods. >> look at that. bubba is a good name. >> i love it. >> he'd been as far as four shots off the lead and made four straight birdies on the back nine to stay in the hunt. bubba watson wins the green jacket and $1.4 million for his first major win. >> all that green is my allergies flaring up. sorry about that sneeze there. tiger woods had the worst masters performance of his career on sunday shooting a 74 that left him 5 over par.
3:10 am
a tie for 41st place. not a great day for tiger. but the whole controversy about bringing women into the club. she was there yesterday and had a great seat. >> well done. i'm so glad to hear it. >> she did show up. no word on the membership issue but she was there supporting the event. >> i'm glad to hear it. it's time to move on, right? we'll be back with "world news now" right after this. ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by "the new york times."
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♪ it's a beautiful day in this neighborhood ♪ ♪ a beautiful day for a neighbor would you be mine could you be mine ♪ mr. rodgers' flashbacks right there. >> green cardigan. remember? >> i'll just take my shoe off and just flip it off.
3:15 am
a shout-out to mr. rodgers. >> i'll take mine off, too. >> sorry for the smell, crew. it's all part of urban and suburban living neighbors both good and bad. we've learned of a neighbor that would do anything to keep his lawn green and keep those kids off of it. >> those dirty kids. a georgia man has been arrested for his scare tactics which, believe it or not, included gunfire. abc's john muller has more. >> reporter: two neighbors, the elies and hammonchils at war. now it's gone too far. anthony put a no trespassing sign on the lawn to keep the neighbors off. when that didn't work he put up barbed wire. when a football was thrown on to his lot this past week, he fired a gun in the air. he was arrested. neighbors say he was arrested. >> he would have handed the football back. >> reporter: remember "saturday night live" mocking that suburban -- the old neighbor who lays claims to the errant balls? this is the extreme version.
3:16 am
neighborhood wars are nothing new from the hatfield and mccoys to the famous jim belushi and former catwoman julie newmar war that raged years involving years of allegations including vandalism and defamation. another one started with a stolen motorcycle, then escalated to two dogs mysteriously poisoned. then an $80,000 judgment for damages. >> it's been scary. she is terrorized us for six years. >> reporter: and in the seattle neighborhood, a battle over such things as wind chimes taken to the extreme. >> he's a neighbor from hell. >> i would say he was the neighbor from hell. >> reporter: of course, there's two sides to every story. back in jonesboro, georgia, his wife says the kids pushed him too far. >> that was in self-defense. >> no one was hurt by the fire but for now, he remains held without bond. his green grass still ringed in barbed wire. john muller, abc news, new york. >> it's never just about the grass or the ball.
3:17 am
it's always a little deeper than that, right? >> yeah. people just losing their grip on reality. come on. the grass and things like that. but you know what? the wind chimes are annoying. i get that one. i hate the wind chimes. >> do you get along with your neighbors? >> yeah. most of them are cool. some of them oar. >> nonew york city, you are lipping on top of -- >> you get the broom and you -- >> stop all that noise you kids. get a grip, everybody. let's just get along. >> was somebody shooting at us? >> the crew is very upset. >> oh! we'll be right back.
3:18 am
♪ i got a feeling i'm not the only one ♪ it's spring here. you may want to pick up your
3:19 am
child's toy box and add seasonally appropriate toys. we're joined by laurie with her spring toy must-haves. good morning, laurie. great to see you. >> great to see you, too. here we are in this lovely garden. >> i love it. and i love spring. everything is coming to life. our kids can really get their hands dirty. it's our green thumb garden kit. and just like when we're in the garden we have our gloves, our tote, our water bottle and even the tools. wooden handle, metal. just like mine. >> pint sized. >> just their size. >> love it. absolutely love it. and with spring it's time to think about gardening. i love this. this is called the grow ems garden in a box. it's actually a pizza garden in a box. >> it starts out that size? >> it starts out this size. what happens is if you look over here you can see the seedlings we've started. and if you look underneath,
3:20 am
that's actually the brick of dirt that expands when we add water. so all of this soil, it's a magic soil that grows. >> so you didn't add any soil? >> just that. >> so you break it up with some water. add it here. there's a whole irrigation system going on in here. we add about 2 1/2 gal ochbs water. this lets us know when it's full. you can't overwater this. it's awesome and they are growing a healthy garden. whangets a gat learning experience for kids. >> basil, to mato, oregano. >> speaking of fantastic learning experiences. >> this is the miracle gro root. >> isn't that awesome? >> it teaches them about the root formation. >> they can see everything. >> especially with the bulbs with the carrots and onions, things growing underneath the soil. >> does it come already at the -- with the grown vegetables? >> you have to get the vegetables but it comes with the special miracle gro soil and, of
3:21 am
course, this card that you can use to take sneak peeks. >> and you can always eat them when they are grown. >> what do we need if it's going to be spring? we definitely need showers. i love going out in the rain. i think that, you know, my kids love to go out in the rain. let's keep our feet dry. we have our little frogs and little ladybug boots. >> couldn't be more adorable. >> aren't they great? >> tell us about these. >> this is called color your yumbrella. from the dillon's candy bar we have this theme of candy but mine is not colored and yours is. >> and that is due to these little special markers. >> you color them in. it will not run in the rain. and then, of course you have your boots, your beautiful customized umbrella and we are singing in the rain. >> we are so happy. we're going to take a stroll in our beautiful garden with our beautiful umbrellas. laurie, thank you so much. for more details go to our
3:22 am
facebook page, you're watching "world news now."
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and makes tooth enamel two times stronger. get dual-action listerine® whitening rinse. building whiter, stronger teeth. ♪ welcome back, everybody. time for insomniac theater. our take on the -- i don't know why i do that all the time. our take on the number two movie "american reunion." >> it's the fourth installment -- fourth -- in the raunchy teen comedy franchise. digital news associate amanda van allen made the movie part of her holiday weekend, and we thank you for that. >> no problem. and raunchy was definitely the word. now i have a quick disclaimer here. there 24 separate movie reviews i'm going to give. one for lovers of the "american pie" series and then one of
3:26 am
people who don't really like that kind of stuff. now if you are a lover of the "american pie" films -- >> rob nelson. >> rob nelson especially. >> love it. >> somehow it has your name written all over it. >> stifler. >> but if you like those kind of movies, you'll really like this film. it had a lot of the same raunchy comedy as before. they reuse a lot of the same old jokes but then more of a mature feel to them. a lot of the people we got to see a lot of the characters coming back which was really, really nice. it was almost like we were at a reunion and got to see everybody. it was like seeing old friends and things like that. really nice for those of us who liked the movies. if you don't, don't waste the time. you'll not get the jokes or understand. it's one of those need to see the other films before. >> i believe it. >> let's check out what some of the moviegoers had to say. >> i thought it was funny but liked the original better. >> it was okay. it's not that -- pretty good.
3:27 am
>> it was pretty funny. like a grown-up version of the first one. >> it was great. it was a lot of fun. everyone was having a good time. >> it was just funny because it gave me old memories of watching it when we were younger. it was like watching them all grow old. was really cool. >> i think the movie was great. it was so funny. and it was a great movie to be the last one of "american pie." >> that girl sounded like shannon elizabeth from the first one. >> please take down your camera. i'm sorry. >> does she make an appearance? >> she does. i'm telling you, everybody comes back. even the two milk guys. they come back, too. it was so, so awesome. just to see everybody again. i appreciated that. >> you liked it. >> i wouldn't have taken you as an "american pie" person. >> good christian girl, but sometimes -- >> one of those gcbs. >> i gave it three out of five
3:28 am
stars. i like the "american pie" series so i gave it a pretty high
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now" -- remembering mike wallace. the "60 minutes" interviewer known for his razor sharp to-the-point questions has died. >> the tv veteran was both feared by his interviewees and admired by loyal "60 minutes" viewers. it is monday, april 9th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning. i'm tanya rivero. paula faris is on assignment. >> good morning. i'm rob nelson. those mike wallace interviewed often felt as though they were interrogated. he was the first co-host of "60 minutes" back in the late '60s, and his interviews with the first lady, celebrities, heads of state, turned that show into must-see tv.
3:31 am
>> oh, he certainly knew the art of the interview, didn't he? >> he was one of the best. they say without mike wallace, there may not have been a "60 minutes." he was the bedrock of that franchise and still one of the best news shows on the planet. his legacy lives on in so many kind of ways. >> he'll be missed. also questions about religion and politics. could mitt romney's mormon faith turn off some republican voters if he's nominated? we'll hear from clergy and political insiders about this touchy subject. >> can't get away -- >> religion and politics? >> always a messy intersection. we'll see that play out the next couple of months. also later this half hour, celebrating happy hour with a bartender in connecticut who just turned 97 years old. >> you go, girl. >> indeed. we cannot wait to raise a glass or four to angie maclean to toast our favorite story of the day. 97. still drink slinger. >> i love when they live long
3:32 am
but yet live well. >> yes. she's a feisty thing. check out that story for sure. >> but first, those dreaded words, mike wallace is here to see you struck terror in the heart of many of his interview subjects. >> we can expect a lot of those gotcha moments next sunday when "60 minutes" does a full tribute to the veteran newsman. abc's richard cantu has a look back at wallace's extraordinary career. >> i'm mike wallace. >> reporter: and everybody knew it. for as long as there has been television -- >> the mike wallace interview. >> reporter: -- there has been mike wallace. and he turned the personal interview into his personal best. >> you have no right to sit in judgment on me. >> i'm not sitting in judgment. i'm simply asking a question. >> reporter: his intense questioning evoked wrenching honesty. this from the secret service agent who was closest to president kennedy in dallas. >> if i had reacted just a little bit quicker, i could have, i guess. i'll live with that to my grave.
3:33 am
>> reporter: from malcolm x not long before he was assassinated. >> i probably am a dead man already. >> reporter: and this breathtaking irony from a pre-watergate richard nixon. >> i hope to restore respect to the presidency. >> reporter: wallace held his own with presidents and rubbed elbows with practically everyone. >> hello, nancy reagan. how are you? >> reporter: sometimes they elbowed back. >> you really didn't need that question. >> reporter: mike wallace was born in 1918 in brookline, massachusetts. >> i was a pretty good kid. i was an overachiever. i worked very hard. played a hell of a fiddle. >> reporter: mike wallace was best known for his 38 seasons on the cbs news program "60 minutes." he asked the ayatollah khomeini if he was crazy. >> he calls you, imam, forgive me, his words, not mine, a lunatic. >> and brought barbra streisand to the brink of tears. >> you like this, that 40 million people have to see me like do this? >> reporter: over a 65-year career, mike wallace started as
3:34 am
a pioneer and ended as an institution. richard cantu, abc news, new york. >> an institution indeed. >> absolutely. and you see since his time how much, in some cases, the new has gotten lighter and fluffier. you have to look back at a career like his and tip your hat as he represents not only the end of a life but the end of a news era. just a little harder, a little more serious. >> that's right. it's hard to believe his last interview was in 2008. quite a long time ago. >> it was. he actually fought heart surgery a few years ago. stayed out of the public limelight. was up in connecticut. that's where he passed over the weekend. a long and extraordinary life. 93 years old. sleep well, mr. wallace. in other news this morning -- jennifer hudson will be in a chicago courtroom later this morning. the oscar-winning singer/actress will be attending the trial of the man accused of killing her mother, brother and nephew. hudson plans to attend every day of william balfour's trial and may be called as a witness herself. prosecutors say balfour shot the family in a jealous rage because
3:35 am
his estranged wife, hudson's sister, was dating another man. two men face possible hate crime charges when they are arraigned in tulsa, oklahoma, later this morning. police say they went on a shooting rampage that left three people dead and two injured. both suspects are white and the victims are black. here's abc's deirdre bryant. >> reporter: tulsans awoke to the news that overnight these two men had been arrested in a shooting spree that left three dead and two wounded. jacob england, 19, and alvin watts were arrested at a residence just outside tulsa early sunday morning. >> we got a tremendous response from our community. those responses led us to the arrests. >> reporter: police thought they were looking for one lone wolf gunman. a call to police led them to england. a tipster said england had a white truck and that he was making plans on burning the vehicle. >> i can say that we were desperate for leads.
3:36 am
that's why we made some very pointed requests of our community to come forward. >> reporter: the shootings terrorized the predominantly black neighborhoods of north tulsa. the five shootings all occurred in less than an hour within three miles of each other. all the victims were black, shot apparently at random. a survivor said the man who shot them was white. >> being an naacp president for seven years, i think that somebody that committed these crimes were very upset with black people. >> reporter: police suspected the shootings were racially charged but had no evidence. now they say they may have a link. jake england posted a note on his facebook page thursday that said, today is two years that my dad has been gone, shot by an [ expletive ] "n" word. deirdre bryant, abc news. we turn to politics now. an important political boost for mitt romney and it comes from a pretty unlikely source. newt gingrich told fox news that romney is, quote, far and away
3:37 am
the most likely gop presidential nominee. gingrich says if romney secures the nomination, he would campaign for him but romney's mormon faith may be a negative for millions of republican christians. pastor rick warren was asked about just that. >> key sticking point for evangelicals, and actually for many, is the issue of the trinity. that's the historic doctrine of the church that god is three in one. not three gods, one god in father, son and holy spirit. mormonism denies that. that's a sticking point for a lot of catholic christians, evangelical christians, pentecostal christians because they don't believe that. now they'll use the same terminology, but they don't believe in the historic doctrine of the trinity. and people have tried to make it other issues, but that's really one of the fundamental differences. >> an influential roman catholic leader in new york, cardinal timothy dolan, says catholics
3:38 am
may have reasons not to vote for romney but his religion cannot be one of them. >> rick klein looks at the sensitive subject of politics and religion. good morning, rick. >> rob and tanya, we're detecting a big shift in how mitt romney is confronting questions about his mormon faith. the responses this time around much more implicit than explicit. take a look at this image. this is mitt romney enjoying easter with his grandchildren. mitt romney as all-american family man. then this photo snapped over the weekend not authorized by his campaign. it's mitt romney and one of his sons about to enjoy san diego's surf. the campaign hopes that pictures like these drown out all the noise about his mormon faith. meanwhile, rick santorum has pulled himself off the trail for a few days as his 3-year-old daughter bella is hospitalized. he should be able to rejoin the campaign trail by tuesday. the question is whether he'll want to. he has more at stake these nexe few weeks than even romney. romney's campaign is set to launch some $2 million in ads in pennsylvania. if santorum were to lose his home state in two weeks, it
3:39 am
would sting. rob and tanya? >> rick klein, thank you. now to a big medical headline. it hits home for expectant mothers. scientists discovered obese women were 67% more likely to deliver autistic children compared to normal weight women. the study in today's "pediatrics" journal shows obese mothers have double the risk of having a child with developmental delays. it is the first time researchers linked a mother's weight to a child's autism. >> a lot of news about autism in recent days, including the news the other day about older fathers more likely to have autistic children. here's a look now at your weather on this monday morning. it will be another mild day along the east coast. but winds could gust up to 30 miles an hour. new england will see some snow showers. it will be sunny and warm, though, in southern california. isn't it always? dallas and oklahoma city could see another round of severe weather, though. >> cooler weather moves into the midwest with temperatures
3:40 am
dropping by at least ten degrees. chicago will be 63. seattle and portland in the mid-60s. fargo is chilly at 47. it is not often that a baby rejected by his mom will do as well as the guy you're about to meet. >> we know you love this story, rob. yan yan is a polar bear who is 100 days old. he's china's first artificially bred polar bear and apparently his mom didn't want to raise him. >> zookeepers say he's healthy, he's putting on weight and should be ready to meet zoo visitors this summer. 20 excited guests were invited to a special party for yan yan over the weekend. he's going to be a sensation when he meets his public. >> i mean, is there anything more adorable than a polar bear cub? >> it's cute. and one that's overcome family strife, rejected by his mom. >> i could not be rooting for yan yan. look at that thing. >> can't wait to see his life story on lifetime some time soon. it's going to be wonderful and touching. >> we love you. we'll be right back with more "world news now" after
3:41 am
this. ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by consumer cellular.
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♪ well, tim tebow is no stranger to having all eyes on him on a sunday. but on easter, this was a little different. >> the man they call god's quarterback took the pulpit in a jam-packed mega church. abc's steve osunsami has tebow's message. >> reporter: he's arguably the most well known evangelical
3:45 am
christian in america today. jets quarterback tim tebow. and at easter service outside austin, texas, nearly 15,000 worshipers suffered through the heat to hear him bear witness. >> win or lose, i think it's still most important that regardless of what happens that i still honor my lord and savior jesus christ. >> it was a massive event. the church called it their super bowl. they rented more than 100 buses, and the families arrived at the crack of dawn. >> i think it was absolutely amazing. i got a lot out of it today. i'm glad i got to see him. >> reporter: the heisman trophy winner talked about bringing his faith to the football field and explained that signature move. >> they started calling it tebow'ing. i really don't think i was the first athlete to get on a knee and pray, but i think it's pretty cool because at least prayer is being talked about. and that it's okay to be outspoken about your faith and get on your knee and pray and talk about it. >> reporter: tebow's talk drew both the faithful and faithful sports fans. we asked this young man about
3:46 am
tebow's message. >> honestly, i do not remember. >> reporter: then we asked him about that trade to the jets. >> i wasn't a big fan of the broncos, but i am a big fan of tim tebow. so when he signed with the jets, i was really, really happy about that because i'm a huge fan of the jets. >> reporter: no matter why they came, they went home renewed. steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta. >> they say 15,000 people showed up for that. so he can pack the house on football sundays and on easter sunday. >> he has certainly tapped into something. that's for sure. >> absolutely. >> there you go! >> somebody got into my facebook page. that was one of my favorite places in new orleans. we were all being stupid. >> yeah, after a couple of drinks. tebow'ing for some more. >> i'm not even looking down. i'm still looking at the camera. media people. >> you know, they're watching you. everywhere you go. coming up -- >> sneaky guys around here. they got on my facebook page. i'm changing my password right now.
3:47 am
>> who is outraged over the cost of whitney houston's funeral? we'll tell you. also, heidi klum's broken heart and now her legal action coming up next in "the skinny." >> announcer: abc's "world n
3:48 am
3:49 am
it is so wonderful it is so wonderful to be here tonight hosting -- [ speaking spanish ] i always heard that immigrants had a really hard life when they came to america. but when i showed up here, everyone was so nice. the men bought me drinks and offered me a place to sleep. this country welcomed me with open arms and pull-down pants. ♪ skinny so skinny ♪ >> welcome, sofia. >> you love sofia vergara. she's so great. >> she's doing really well. >> she's been famous in latin america for years and years and years, all over latin america. >> now she's blowing up here. love it. >> absolutely. now it is time for "the skinny." we have some sad news. we've bhrd heard about this, but
3:50 am
heidi klum filed for divorce from seal. after seven years of marriage. and lots of pda. the two of them were very, very demonstrative. let's put it that way. they've also reached a postnuptial agreement regarding the division of property. we don't know what it is, but she has cited irreconcilable differences and she's seeking physical custody of their four kids. >> the divorce has been in the news for some time but this is -- there was hope for reconciliation. now she actually filed for the divorce. it's official. it's over. >> yes, apparently they've even taken off the wedding rings. >> for a while -- seven years. that's like 50 years in hollywood. >> that's right. >> so they made it longer than most. >> heidi is back on the market, guys. >> not bad again. more fallout from the death of whitney houston. there's some folks in newark who all remember that funeral. star-studded event in her hometown of newark. now some taxpayers upset because the whole thing cost about $187,000. that's because they used about 200 cops to keep guard outside of the funeral and then the services afterwards and the cemetery.
3:51 am
so there's some folks saying why should we foot the bill considering the cause of death. more debate in the city over the death of one of their native daughters. chris daughtry of "american idol" fame is being sued by former bandmates. they claim his mega hit "home" was a song they all worked on together before he went on "american idol." they are suing, but he fired back saying i'm very hurt by these false accusations. the songs listed in this lawsuit were written solely by me and no one else. he has no further comment. looks like this is going to get ugly. >> ♪ i'm going to court yes, indeed. mo'nique back in the news. having this nasty dispute with her landlords here. it's gotten really weird. remember her from a sitcom she was in plus "precious." oscar-winning actress for that portrayal. she and her husband walked out of a rental contract because the place smells like dog poop and urine. the landlords are fighting back. they released e-mails from mo'nique's husband accusing them
3:52 am
are being alcoholics and using illegal immigrants in the building. >> messy and dirty and smelly. -- an aarp... medicare supplement nsurance card, too. medicare is one of the great things about turning 65, but it doesn't cover everything. in fact, it only pays up to " 80% of your part b expenses. if you're already on or eligible for medicare, call now to find out how an aarp... insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company, not paid by medicare part b. that can save you from paying .up to thousands of dollars... out of your own pocket. these are the only medicare supplement insurance plans... exclusively endorsed by aarp. when you call now, you'll get this free information kit... with all you need to enroll. put their trust in aarp p medicare supplement insuranc.
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♪ ♪ tequila we'll just keep dancing. you're going to love this. this is our favorite story of the day. we've heard of many people putting off retirement and having to work well into their 70s or 80s. >> well, now we have a remarkable story from connecticut where a bartender just turned 97 years old and still going strong. jeff valin of wtnh reports. >> what's your favorite drink? >> bailey's. >> reporter: 97. proof. >> you going to be having any
3:56 am
today for your birthday? >> i just had one before. >> that a girl. so you've already started. >> reporter: no, not the bailey's. aged to perfection, angie maclean who friday celebrated her 97th birthday is a bartender and the star attraction at panama joe's in bridgeport. >> everybody comes here. they love her. no one's got nothing bad to say about her. a lot of people come in just to see her. >> reporter: she's been tending bar since her 60s. along with the bar owners senior and junior. >> she's worked for you for how many years? >> 18. in september, 18. >> oh, yeah. i'm like a daughter to them. >> reporter: daughter, eh? well played, angie. the girl who mixes drinks and business with pleasure but can be tough if anybody gives her guff. >> she knows this place better than anybody. she's not afraid to throw anybody out. >> reporter: when a customer comes in and they've had too much to drink already, how do you handle them?
3:57 am
>> you shut them off. you shut them off. >> reporter: a place where everybody knows her name and her rank. >> angie does everything. she plays pool. she does cooking. she does the decorations on all the holidays. >> she doesn't let no one boss her around. that's for sure. she's thboss. >> s's the boss. she comes here and changes the chairs i fix. >> reporter: in all her years of providing distilled spirits, she's procured some distilled wisdom, too. >> the pains and aches, and if you sit down, forget it. >> i love this. >> i like her. >> if you can live like that, if you can have that quality of life, then -- you know. >> very cool. oh, that's me. you know what? some days, semi more normal hours. you go ahead. >> what are we having here? >> cheers to her. angie, you go. >> a little bailey's myself. >> announcer: this is abc's
3:58 am
"world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades.
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